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      I wonder if you have the habit of taking out? Xiaobian often works overtime at noon, and asks colleagues to help bring lunch. At this time, disposable lunch boxes are put into use. Paper cups, plastic bags, lunch boxes... used everything. So eating for a long time, Xiaobian began to worry about the health and safety of these disposable tableware. When eating in restaurants, we usually use disposable tableware. But is the disposable disinfection tableware that we enjoy really safe?
      Anhui Xinke Corn Starch Disposable Tableware Factory reminds you that inferior disposable tableware has been welcomed by some small restaurants because of its low price. For example, in the manufacture of inferior lunch boxes, people usually take part in a large number of toxic and harmful information such as industrial grade calcium carbonate, talc powder, paraffin and so on, which poses a threat to the health of users. If the food is more than 65 degrees, it will release its own toxins and invade the food, just like plastic bags can not meet high temperature, and if the processing process is not well controlled, the poisoning will be greater. Eating with such a lunch box is equivalent to taking chronic poisoning, although the toxicity is small, but long-term use will still cause damage to the liver and kidney.
      What are the "symptoms" of inferior lunch boxes? Smell: It smells pungent.
      Tear: The inferior lunch box feels soft and will break if it is ripped quietly.
      Fold: A fold will show a white wax print.
      Sinking: It is easy to sink after tearing into water.
      Leakage: It is easy to deform when heated, and there are oil leakage and water leakage.
      But corn starch disposable tableware has no such worries. Corn starch is edible grade, harmless to human body, and after use, it has no pollution to the environment and can be degraded naturally. It is a very popular new disposable tableware!
      The above wonderful contents are provided by corn starch disposable tableware manufacturers. More details about disposable tableware are welcome to consult our customer service staff on the official website: http://www.immo360vrc.com! We will reply to you as soon as possible! Thank you for your support!