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      The disposable crystal tableware is made of environmental protection grade 6 PS materials and pure plants. In the production process, the foamed plastic tableware is made by pressing the stirred raw materials and cutting the semi-finished products into lunch boxes one by one.
      Each production process of disposable crystal tableware is molded by 260 ° C high temperature injection molding of precision equipment, sterilized by ultraviolet ray, and aseptic packaged by automatic assembly line; it is non-toxic and tasteless, crystal clear, environmental friendly and sanitary, easy to carry, resistant to high temperature of 120 ° C and low temperature of - 20 ° C, no deformation, no leakage, etc., with high-quality, beautiful and novel appearance.
      We talked about the raw materials of foamed plastic meal before. Where do these raw materials come from? In fact, most of them are industrial plastic waste, which is neither safe nor hygienic.
      Compared with disposable crystal tableware, all products are made of "imported" environmental PS materials, which is in line with the national food quality and safety. It effectively integrates the concept of "green environmental protection" into the products, and fundamentally effectively removes the harmful ingredients in the plastic. Its transparency is 1.15-1.4 times that of glass products. It is a real disposable crystal tableware with crystal like characteristics. In the aspect of product design, the stacking anti-skid design concept is integrated to make the packing transportation extremely stable. Its design style is simple and unified, which is more convenient for the catering service industry to standardize the use and management of tableware.
      By comparison, it has the following advantages:
      The transparency of the product is high, and the product quality can be judged directly by the naked eye to see whether there are impurities and stains, fingerprints and scratches, and whether there is secondary use. It really makes consumers "comfortable to look at and rest assured to use"
      Disposable use
      Disposable crystal tableware is a disposable product, which can not be reused. It can effectively eliminate the cross infection of circular disinfection tableware, prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, prevent the disease from the mouth, non-toxic and antibacterial. Disposable crystal tableware is made of food grade < / span > PS material and produced by sterile QS workshop. It is acid resistant, alkali resistant, high temperature resistant and sterile (pathogenic bacteria: Salmonella, Shigella) Staphylococcus aureus and hemolytic streptococcus, coliform, mold, etc.), antibacterial characteristics.
      Fast moving consumer goods
      The reason why disposable crystal tableware is called fast consumer goods is that they are first of all daily necessities. They rely on consumers' high frequency and repeated use and consumption, and gain profits and value through large-scale market and sales. They have the characteristics of short consumption cycle, large supplementary consumption, short product life cycle and huge market
      Waste recycling disposable crystal tableware is not conducive to degradation, but can be recycled, used for industrial raw materials, granulation sales, increase the two-way income, turn waste into treasure, more with one stone!