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        On July 10 this year, the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the relevant supplementary rules of the "plastic restriction order", which clearly classified wholesale service places such as catering stores as the scope of application of the "plastic restriction order". But reporters in the central city of some small restaurants and event stalls to see that there are still many operators using disposable plastic bags for food. Can you keep food in plastic bags clean? To this end, the reporter began a survey.
        In the streets and alleys, we can see some stalls selling all kinds of snacks everywhere. In order to make convenience, some stall owners often directly use plastic bags to hold the food just out of the pot, or put disposable plastic bags on the tableware. As for the practice of the stall owner, the customers can bear it. On the morning of the 22nd, a reporter looked at an egg pancake stall on Baishu road in Tunxi. Two or three customers were waiting to buy pancakes. The stall owner operated the pancakes thoroughly. He put an egg pancake directly into a disposable plastic bag and handed it to the customer. The customer picked it up and ate it with great relish. There were also some small shops selling wonton. The owner put the wonton directly out of the pot. In a bowl covered with a white plastic bag, it is handed to customers; some customers pack hot food in plastic bags before they can sit down to eat.
        Is it clean to use plastic bags for food? The reporter then interviewed several customers who were eating. Although they all know that using plastic bags to contain high-temperature cooked food will produce toxic substances, they still have no objection to the store's use of plastic bags. Miss Li, a citizen, said, "these small shops in big cities are all in this way. I think it's better to put a plastic bag on the bowl rather than eat the dirty bowl. Besides, they don't often eat it. There should be no problem."
        The reporter then looked up the relevant materials. According to the experts from the health department, most of the plastic bags used in small restaurants are made of recycled or recycled plastic materials, and rarely go through normal disinfection. This kind of plastic bag is used to cover the dishes. In case of high temperature, it is easy to have chemical reaction. The toxic ingredients in it will pollute the food. If the human body takes it for a long time, it will seriously damage the health of the body.
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